Resistance and Liberation is a mod for half life 2 Source Orangebox. And here I helped them develop a map to display the actions from the movie Saving Private Ryan. The battle from the movie that the map focus on, is the one where they are gonna help Ryans squad defend the city of Ramelle. Witch here displays some awesome attack plans and hiding spots.


Image from the movie Saving Private Ryan

In the map you can choose to play either the Germans or the US. The Germans goal is like in the movie to attack the city and capture all the areas by crossing the bridge. While the US objective is to defend against the German attack and don’t let them cross the bridge. And of course you fight till the last man standing. There are respawns for both teams.

The map has been created using these programs:

  • Adobe Photoshop (for all the textures)
  • Valve Hammer editor (To create the level it self and setting it all up)
  • Autodesk 3d Studio Max (To create some custom models/probs)


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