I played for many years within a unit called 506th PIR, and here I met a person called Bolenbaugh. And he always asked me to make a specific map, and one day he gave a drawing of it. A couple of months after that he got a heart attack, witch he sadly passed away to. So while I was in sorrow, I created the map he had drawn for me, and then I added my own secret place in the map, where he is baride. And then of cause I gave it it his name.


Image of Mr. Bolenbaugh

The map is created for the half life 2-orangebox mod called Day Of Defeat Source. Its focused on a German massive defense system. One team starts in two of the towers while the other starts at the two other towers. Your objective is to secure all the capture areas within the massive structure. In the middle you got one big radar tower. And below is sewers that can help you attack your enemy.

The map is made using these programs.

  • Valve hammer editor (To make the map it self)
  • Adobe Photoshop (To make custom textures)
  • VTFeditor (To get the textures in the game)
  • 3d Studio Max (To create some custom models/probs)


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